Anti-Piracy Messaging for Cinemas

Despite most pirated films and TV shows being watched online, cinemas continue to have an important role to play when it comes to eliminating piracy.

Cinemas are targeted by pirate operators
Illegally recording a film in a cinema is still the easiest way to get a newly released theatrical film onto pirate networks. The piracy ecosystem is a highly commercial enterprise and there is money to be made for those who can secure the most in demand films.

People who watch pirated films and TV shows might be in your audience
Cinemas are an important part of the community. With so many Australians continuing to pirate, it’s important that cinemas take the opportunity to educate and inform their customers on the many harms they are causing by pirating.

By communicating important anti-piracy messaging to your customers, you will be helping our industry to tackle this harmful activity. Download CCA’s anti-piracy messaging to place around your cinema.

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