Nothing Beats The Real Thing! is Creative Content Australia’s online education website where teachers can access a range of FREE, reputable and relevant education resources tailored for primary and secondary (Years 6-10) teachers and students.

Nothing Beats The Real Thing! is designed to inform, engage and raise awareness about copyright and the value it contributes to our society as well as to stimulate classroom discussion and promote the importance of good digital citizenship and focus on academic honesty and accountability.

“…this is good stuff, and important at all levels of education”
Nicholas Perkins, Former Principal, Eastwood Heights Public School, NSW

“I’ve been using your resources on your website – they are fantastic!”
Teacher (year 10), Convent College, Victoria

Written by experienced teachers and tested in the classroom, the site features a number of resources, across a range of disciplines – all aligned with the cross-curriculum priorities of ACARA. They all include structured activities, assessment suggestions and relevant links, and many incorporate entertaining and informative video clips.

Nothing Beats The Real Thing! Resources are designed to alleviate the pressures teachers face from an increasingly dense curriculum. They provide solid scaffolding for educators to build on flexible modules and create lesson plans that are relevant to their school and their students.

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