Creative Content Australia supports the screen industry by raising awareness about the role of copyright, the importance of legal screen content, and the negative impact of piracy on the content creators of the film and TV shows that audiences love.

CCA is supported by a number of Australian creative industry companies and associations, opposed to the for-profit theft of creative works that puts jobs at risk, and undermines business models and investment in creative enterprises.

Our work covers four key areas:

  • Research – We commission annual independent research to understand what Australians think about illegal downloading and streaming of films and TV. The data are used to inform the debate about piracy and dispel common misconceptions.
  • Campaigns – We produce consumer campaigns which challenge people to think about piracy and how their choices are jeopardising the future of the screen industry. Check out our latest campaign at The Price of Piracy.
  • Education – Our website Nothing Beats the Real Thing offers primary and secondary teachers free curriculum-linked education resources that stimulate classroom discussion, promote the importance of good digital citizenship and help students better understand the value of creative copyright.
  • Copyright News ContentCafe covers the most important and current copyright news and research in Australia and around the world and highlights the commercial and cultural role of copyright in the creative industries.

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