Creative Content Australia creates community service messages promoting the importance of accessing screen content legitimately. Some remind consumers about the impact of piracy on the thousands of Australians working in the creative industry. Others expose the cyber risks associated with illegal content sites.

Thank You

Some of the thousands of workers who make screen content thank those consumers who chose to view content legitimately.

Playing Your Part

This campaign puts faces to the creative industry’s everyday workforce as they remind audiences of the role they play in accessing legitimate online movies and TV shows.

Price Of Piracy

Aussie screen legend Bryan Brown draws attention to the increased online risks posed by streaming or downloading pirated content from infringing sites.

Say No To Piracy

This campaign celebrates Australian creativity and innovation in the screen industries and shows the vast array of behind-the-scenes professionals it takes to make screen content.

Piracy. You’re Exposed

62% of persistent pirates in Australia experience cyber security problems after visiting pirate sites. This campaign highlights the associated risks and questions if they are worth the cost of a free film.

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