Creative Content Australia supports the screen industry by raising awareness about the essential role of copyright and the impact of piracy on creativity.


Check out Creative Content Australia’s highly-regarded consumer campaigns promoting the importance of accessing screen content legitimately and reminding consumers about the impact of piracy on the thousands of Australians working in the creative industry.

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Download the latest copyright and piracy research to understand the piracy behaviours of adult and teenage Australians. These annual studies inform debate and raise awareness about changing trends in piracy activities, technology and attitudes.

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Teachers can access engaging, reputable, curriculum-linked education resources for primary and secondary students that stimulate discussion about copyright and promote the value of good digital citizenship online. Resources are free and many include video clips.

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Content Café

Read all the latest copyright news from Australia and around the globe, as well as exclusive articles from leading copyright advocates, experts, academics, journalists and creative industry professionals - all in one place.

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